20 Nov 2017

Same Day Freight In Chicago

In the logistics industry, we all try to map out our day, week, and luckily the month.  We all know how plans go- As soon as we think things are going smoothly a wrench gets thrown into our perfectly outlined schedule.  Drivers get held up at warehouses, trucks break down, goods aren’t ready to be loaded, the list goes on and on.  Last minute you need someone to come and save the day.  Same day freight can be difficult to find, but not impossible.

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13 Nov 2017

Local Chicago Cartage

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, we know how many concerns are on your daily plate- facility maintenance, health and safety, security, software systems, operations, supply and distribution.  One headache that MCS Freight can alleviate is your local Chicago cartage.

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06 Nov 2017

shipping from chicago to texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States by both area and population. It’s located in the South Central region of the country and shares its borders with many other states, plus the Gulf of Mexico. 

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19 Oct 2017

MCS Freight - A Green Trucking Company

Most industries these days are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  The trucking business is one of them.  MCS Freight has introduced a green initiative throughout our company making us a green trucking company

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12 Oct 2017

Local Chicago Shipping

When you think of Chicago, what comes to mind?  The sky deck of the Willis Tower (or as we'll always call it the Sears Tower)?  Shopping on Michigan Avenue?  Indulging in hot dogs or pizza? Exploring the museums?  Sure, all those features make up the great city of Chicago.  But for us, Chicago is home.  It’s where we work.  It’s where we raise our families.

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05 Oct 2017

Refrigerated Shipping Chicago to Southeast Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known as the Dairy State so it’s only fitting that they would lead the nation with the number of cheese plants of 128!  Dairy is the largest segment of Wisconsin’s agriculture.  There are over 600 types and styles of cheese that come out of the state.  It’s a good thing that Wisconsin can keep up since the consumption of cheese has increased over 57% in the last 30 years.

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28 Sep 2017

Shipping Chicago to Kenosha

MCS Freight has many regional lanes we ship to, but shipping Chicago to Kenosha WI is one of our favorites.

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21 Sep 2017

Benefits of Dedicated Services

Many shippers have daily, weekly, and monthly shipping needs.  Instead of calling carriers or brokers on a daily basis to set up schedules, why not consider dedicated services.

MCS Freight can offer a variety of full truckload dedicated services to meet shipping schedules and deliveries to customers.

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14 Sep 2017

Asset Based Trucking

Knowing the difference between asset based trucking and brokerage carriers will help you make an informed decision when it comes to your supply chain management system.

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07 Sep 2017

The history of refrigerated shipping from Chicago to Northwest Indiana

There is history when it comes to refrigerated shipping Chicago to Northwest Indiana. 

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