MCS has placed a green initiative throughout our company

green trucking company 

MCS Freight wants to be a part of the change.  We do what we can to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.  Our mission is to make environmentally friendly investments now to save our natural resources for the future.

Our green trucking company:

  • Consists of a fleet of modern equipment
    • Improving fuel economy
  • All trucks contain the newest technology
    • Virtually eliminating pencil and paper
  • Diesel exhaust fluid sprayed into exhaust systems
    • To break down dangerous nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Air skirts on trailers
    • To reduce aerodynamic drag caused by air turbulence
  • Biodiesel fuel
    • Produces less carbon output and fewer pollutants
  • Technology to communicate
    • Reduce the amount of paper consumption

If you're someone concerned with saving our planet, partner with MCS Freight.  We are a green trucking company doing our part for the environment.